Pet Grooming


Does your pet need a bath or a nail trim?

Looking for expert pet grooming in Senatobia?We can accommodate you any day of the week. Our staff is always able to perform routine bathing. Just drop off your dog before 12:00pm on weekdays or before 10:00am on Saturdays, and we will get them looking and smelling nice. Bathing cats can be a little more tricky, so please give us a call to discuss the options available.

Is it time for a haircut?

Grooming is scheduled by appointment only, and our excellent groomer tends to stay booked a few weeks in advance. Call to get on her schedule today!

Although most pets are able to be groomed with no issues, a few require sedation due to problems or temperament. If your dog or cat needs tranquilization or sedation for grooming, give us a call to discuss the options available.

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