Pet Boarding


If you’re looking for pet boarding in Senatobia, you’ve come to the right place. We have a large boarding facility for both dogs and cats, and our staff is dedicated to giving them all the care and attention they need. You can trust we will take good care of your pet while you are away. Appointments are not necessary, but we suggest you call to let us know when you plan to drop off and pick up your pet. You are welcome to bring bedding, toys, and treats. We feed Science Diet dry feeds to boarding animals, but you are encouraged to bring your pets’ own food – especially if they have strict dietary needs, are picky eaters, or have sensitive stomach issues.

We recommend that your dog be vaccinated against bordetella (kennel cough) prior to boarding to help reduce the chance of contracting this contagious upper respiratory virus when exposed to other dogs in the boarding kennel.

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